Sunday, 6 June 2010

Google wants Internet on your TV

We know people like to watch TV shows on their computer. The question is: Do they want to cruise the Internet on their televisions?

That's a question that has bogged technology companies for years. Well-known businesses from Microsoft to Roku -- even Apple -- have tried to lure Internet surfers to their television screens with little to no success.

Now Google wants a go at it.

The company last month announced Google TV, a service scheduled to debut in the fall, that's supposed to do what those other technology companies tried to do for years: Entice users to watch Internet video and cruise the Web on their TVs.

Well, good luck with that. I don't think Google is going to have an easier or more successful time luring people than those before it.

Google TV is mostly an operating system, with software that gathers Internet video from sites like YouTube or and plays it on your TV. The operating system also allows developers to create applications for it (much as they do for the iPhone) for services that will bring the Internet to the TV.

This news was published by The Salt Lake Tribune

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