Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Launch of Amazon Kindle 2.0 Book Reader

It has been dubbed an 'iPod moment' for the electronic book as Amazon launches Kindle 2, the successor to its popular ebook reader.

The Kindle is a paperback-sized gadget, which sells for $359 (£240), lets users download books, newspapers and blogs onto a high-resolution screen with a white background and black text - imitating the look of a real book.

It's successor, the sleek Kindle 2 is as thin as an HB pencil, comes with inbuilt speakers and expanded 2GB memory - so it can hold more than 1,500 books, compared with 200 with the original Kindle.

Amazon has invested in Kindle in the belief that more people will want to read books electronically.

The company has made 230,000 titles available on the Kindle, which can download books wirelessly.

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