Monday, 23 November 2009

Google New Operating System

Google expects new operating system to be running low-cost computers by 2010 holiday season.

Google set the late 2010 target date during its first preview of a much-anticipated Operating System that eventually may mount a challenge to Microsoft Corp.'s Windows — the foundation for most personal computers since the 1990s.

The Internet search leader announced plans in July for an operating system named after its Chrome Web browser. At the time, Google said Chrome OS would be ready during the second half of 2010. That left open the possibility that Chrome OS computers could be on sale as early as next summer.

But Google is taking its time so outside programmers can contribute to Chrome OS, which is being developed under an open-source model in which anyone can help with development and share improvements. Google also intends to work closely with computer manufacturers to ensure they meet the Chrome OS's requirements.

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